7 - Safe, affordable housing

Goal 1 - Desired Condition 7 - Safe, decent and affordable housing is available.


Traffic Light Scorecard

"Safe, decent and affordable housing is available"

Our Conclusion:


Based on the Following criteria:

Local Trend is STABLE
Albuquerque, compared to others, is SIMILAR
Citizen perception compared to data DIFFERS

Local Trend LOCAL TREND:

Albuquerque's housing burden for homeowners has remained fairly stable since 2006, though housing burden for renters is rising.


Albuquerque's homeowner housing burden ranked 5th among peer communities in 2011, but was lower than the national average. Compared to our peer cities, Albuquerque is on the high end for the percent of residents who pay 30% or more of their income for rental costs. Albuquerque is average among peer cities for overcrowded and substandard housing and better than the national rate.

Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION:

In 2011, Albuquerque citizens rated this desired dondition as being important. The higher the citizens' income the more progress they felt had been achieved. Lower income citizens felt less progress has been made; this was true to a statistically significant degree.


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