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10.3 Median Earnings for Full-Time Employed Individuals

This indicator looks at the annual median work derived income of full-time male and female workers ages 15 and over.

This indicator is part of Basic needs provided for.

Indicator description:

Median earnings reflect the annual median work derived income of full-time male and female workers ages 15 and over. Median earnings are adjusted each year for inflation and therefore represent true gains (or losses) experienced by full-time workers. The positive trend has benefited male workers to a greater degree than females. Two-thirds of the poor people in the United States are women, many of whom are female heads of household working two or more jobs to support their children. Therefore, the gap between the earnings of men and women disproportionately effects those in poverty, the majority of whom are women, and many of whom are the primary bread winner for their family.

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Why is this indicator relevant?

Higher income indicates a higher quality of life and more security for individuals and families. Poverty is linked with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, and poor adults die at earlier ages. For children, poverty is associated with chronic health problems, including lower birth weights, dependence on drugs or alcohol and is also associated with negative educational outcomes, including dropping out of high school and increased likelihood for learning disabilities or developmental delay. Children who suffer extreme poverty, and those who spend many years in poverty, have the worst outcomes. Increased earnings, either from a better job or by taking a second or third job, is the main reason people escape poverty, thus the median earnings of workers is an important measure of this Desired Community Condition.

    What can we tell from the data?

  • The median earnings of Albuquerque workers is about the same in 2011 as it was in 2008.
  • Compared to other cities in the Southwest, Albuquerque residents' median earnings are 3rd highest for men, and 2nd highest for women.


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