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1.2 Library Circulation and Visitation Rates

This indicator looks at the rate at which books and other materials are being accessed at libraries.

This indicator is part of Educated, literate residents.

Indicator description:

The library circulation rate indicates the number of books and other materials being checked out of the library. However, circulation of library materials represents only one piece of library usage. Visitors to the library who utilize reference materials or use the internet, attend a community event, read books, magazines or newspapers inside the library, or conduct research without checking out materials, are not included in circulation, but are reflected in the number of library visits.


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Why is this indicator relevant?

While the library circulation rate and library visits are not direct indicators of community literacy, they are part of an overall picture about the community's literacy and access to reading materials. The public library provides access to reading materials, as well as literacy training for adults who lack literacy skills. Traditionally, the library has been seen as an indicator of community literacy; it is still considered an important part of ensuring community literacy, and public access to books, periodicals, and research materials. The modern library also provides access to electronic media, including music and DVDs, and a free public access point to the internet.

Data Sources:
City of Albuquerque, Cultural Services Department; Public Library Data Service.

What can we tell from the data?

  • Since Fiscal Year 2009, the number of City of Albuquerque library materials circulated has decreased slightly, with about 990,000 fewer materials checked out in Fiscal Year 2012 than in Fiscal Year 2009.This represents a 20% decrease in library materials circulation; visits are also down.
  • Albuquerque is average among peer communities for population adjusted circulation.
  • Albuquerque is average among peer communities for visits to the library per capita.


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