55 - Access to city services

Goal 8 - Desired Condition 55 - Customers conveniently access City services, officials, public records, and information.


Local Trend LOCAL TREND:

The Citizen Contact Center (311 calls) began in FY/06 and recorded 503,000 calls. In FY/08, this increased 97% to 989,513 requests. Over the last eighteen months, CABQ.gov web site page counts have increased 12%.


National or regional comparisons are not yet available for 311 Citizen Contact Centers, although many centers are being established nationwide. The City of Albuquerque web site compares similarly to the City of Tucson for web site page views per capita. Per capita page views for the City are about 20% less than the City of Austin.

Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION:

In 2007, Albuquerque citizens recognized progress was made in achieving these Desired Community Conditions. Progress ranked 7th for DCC 51 and 12th for DCC 50. Although all conditions surveyed had a ranking of 5 or more on the 7-point importance scale, these two DCC’s ranked in the lower half of all conditions for importance.


Opportunity to



Local Trend LOCAL TREND IS: Positive Positive Local
National Comparison ALBUQUERQUE, COMPARED TO OTHERS, IS: Similar New Equals Sign
Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION COMPARED TO DATA: Matches Positive Local

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