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Goal 5 - Environmental Protection & Enhancement

Goal 5: Protect and enhance Albuquerque's natural environments - its mountains, river, bosque, volcanoes, arroyos, air and water.


Why is this goal important?

Driving solo to work versus sharing a ride, choosing to throw that empty can of pop in the recycling bin or trash can, deciding whether or not to set off fireworks near the Bosque, buying the less expensive washer or the new washing machine with a high Energy Star rating—these are all choices that can profoundly affect the protection and enhancement of the natural environments of our city. Albuquerque citizens want to know that our water supply is safe and available.  We care for our air and land, and we conserve water and other natural resources.  We value our Mountains and open spaces, the Bosque and the Rio Grande, and we want them preserved for future generations to enjoy, just as we do today.


DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception CONCLUSION:
33 - Safe air, land, & water - Air, land, and water systems are protected from conditions that are harmful to people and the environment. Positive Similar Matches Celebrate
34 - Sustainable water supply - Water resources are sustainably managed, conserved and protected to provide a long-term supply and drought reserve. Mixed Similar Matches Continue to Improve
35 - Integrated waste management - Solid wastes are produced no faster than natural systems and technology can process them. Negative Similar Differs Improve
36 - Preserved open space - Open Space, Bosque, the River, and Mountains are preserved and protected. Stable Better Matches Celebrate
37 - Active citizen conservation - Residents participate in caring for the environment and conserving natural resources. Mixed Mixed Matches

Continue to Improve

38 - Eco-sensitive residents - Residents are well informed and appreciate ecological diversity. Positive Better Matches Picture is in Focus
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