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34.2 Gallons per capita per day

This indicator measures per capita water usage--the total amount of water pumped from the ground divided by our population.

This indicator is part of Sustainable water supply.

Indicator description:

This indicator measures per capita water usage--the total amount of water pumped from the ground divided by our population and compares usage levels to peer communities. All of the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial water use as well as the unaccounted for water use (UAW) is included in the total amount pumped. Therefore, this indicator includes the water we use at home, at work and play, water used in schools and other public facilities, plus the processed water used by industries, and any leakages in the delivery system. Water obtained from other systems, such as Conservancy District or Kirtland Air Force Base water, is excluded. Per capita water use shows water usage over time, taking into account the population increase, which helps determine progress toward water conservation goals.

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Why is this indicator relevant?

Water conservation is an essential element of the City's strategy to ensure a sustainable water supply. In 1995, the City adopted the water conservation ordinance to reduce water usage. This ordinance included requirements for not allowing water to run into the street, watering in the mornings/late afternoons, and also introduced the water rebate program to replace fixtures with the latest water saving devices (see Indicator 34.1). Since the City adopted the water conservation ordinance, per capita water usage has declined 33%. Although the decline in water usage is positive, the downward trend needs to continue to reach 155 gallons per capita per day (GPCD) by 2024 to meet the State Engineer’s requirements for the forthcoming San Juan-Chama Drinking Water Project. Currently, Albuquerque has only one water supply source: the Santa Fe Group Aquifer. The Drinking Water Project will begin diverting San Juan-Chama river water to a new water treatment plant for distribution to customers and allow the aquifer to recover for future needs.

Data Sources:
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA); Salt Lake City; Texas Water Development Board; Western Resource Advocates; City of El Paso; City of Oklahoma City

What can we tell from the data?

  • Over the last 10 years, Albuquerque has shown more progress in conserving water than any other peer city, as evidenced by the decrease in gallon of water used, per capita, per day.
  • Since 2005, Albuquerque’s per capita water use decreased 14%, 174 to 150 gallons per capita per day. During this same time period the population increased 12%.
  • Albuquerque ranks 5th of 7 among peer cities in gallons of water use, per capita, per day.


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