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40 - Vital, sustainable economy

Goal 6 - Desired Condition 40 - The economy is vital, prosperous, and consistent with local and regional resources.


Traffic Light Scorecard

"The economy is vital, prosperous and consistent with local & regional resources"

Our Conclusion:


Based on the Following criteria:

Local Trend is NEGATIVE
Albuquerque, compared to others, is MIXED
Citizen perception compared to data MATCHES

Local Trend LOCAL TREND:

Commercial construction, a key indicator of economic vitality, has decreased significantly since 2008. Albuquerque growth in annual per capita income growth from 2007 to 2010 was 0.41%. Lodgers’ Tax revenue has remained flat over the last four years.


Albuquerque’s per capita income has grown at the slowest rate among the seven peer cities from 2002 to 2010. However, our four year average in annual growth of per capita income ranks us 4th among peer cities over the period 2007-2010.

Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION:

In a 2011 survey, Albuquerque citizens ranked this condition 15th in importance and 40th in progress made. Given the economic downturn, this perception matches closely the data from the three indicators at the time of the survey.


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