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Goal 7 - Community & Cultural Engagement

Goal 7: Residents are fully and effectively engaged in the life and decisions of the community to promote and enhance our pride, cultural values, and resources and ensure that Albuquerque’s community institutions are effective, accountable, and responsive.


Residents are involved in their community in a myriad of ways. Donations to non-profits; participation in neighborhood associations; and attendance at cultural, sporting, and entertainments events are just a few ways that citizens participate in their community. Participation and engagement help promote the community’s values and ensure that its institutions are successful. In addition, positive cultural values foster respectful relations between diverse cultures and races.

DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception Compared to Data CONCLUSION:
43 - Civic participation - Residents actively participate in civic and public affairs. Mixed Similar Mixed Improve
44 - Community engagement - Residents participate in community events, organizations, and activities. Positive Better Matches Celebrate
45 - Well informed residents - Residents have an accurate understanding of community conditions. Positive Not Available Differs Continue to Improve
46 - Foster arts and cultures - Residents appreciate, foster, and respect Albuquerque’s arts and culture. Positive Similar Matches Continue to Improve
47 - Positive cultural relations - Relations among Albuquerque’s cultures and races are positive and respectful. Positive Similar Matches Continue to Improve
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