45.1 Newspaper circulation per 10,000 residents

This indicator examines newspaper circulation counts for Albuquerque and peer communities.
This indicator is part of Well informed residents.

Indicator description:

This indicator examines newspaper circulation counts for Albuquerque and peer communities per 10,000 residents based on county populations. Circulation counts from the Alliance for Audited Media includes all metropolitan areas. For Albuquerque, the coverage area includes Albuquerque, the Westside, Rio Rancho, and the East Mountain areas. Information is based upon weekday. Sunday circulation is higher in each of the peer communities because many residents only receive the newspaper on this one day each week.

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Why is this indicator relevant?

The more accurate the public understanding is the more likely community assets will be utilized efficiently and effectively. At the grass roots, community response, and policy making levels, it is important that accurate understandings of conditions exist, because investments of public resources and community assets are made on those understandings. Communities invest resources in their priorities, utilizing local taxes and other public resources, voluntary donations of dollars and time, civic participation, and public involvement. When citizens know the facts, policy leaders are better able to address community priorities and develop effective strategies to achieve desired end results. Also, when citizens know what the state of the community really is, they are better able to make decisions about what personal actions are necessary to improve them.

Data Source:

Alliance for Audited Media; The New Audit Bureau of Circulations

What can we tell from the data?

  • Albuquerque ranks third of seven peer communities.
  • Albuquerque's weekday circulation is 84,826 as of July 1, 2012.


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