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Appendix 3 - Maps

Maps of Albuquerque CPAs; the Albuquerque MSA; Municipal Boundaries and the Water Service Boundary Area

Community Planning Areas (CPAs)

Like all large cities, Albuquerque is not a homogeneous community. Some Goal Progress Indicators are presented by Community Planning Areas (CPAs), ten geographic areas into which the City is segmented. Presenting the Goal Progress Indicators by CPA focuses in on the unique sense of community identity in each of these areas. At the same time the CPAs serve as an aid to targeting services that can address the special needs and characteristics of each CPA more effectively. CPAs are no longer widely used within City government, but they provide a rational means to divide a large community into subareas. Other subdivisions are also used: Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Water Service Boundary Area. See maps of all the subdivisions in this appendix.

Appendix 3_1


Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Appendix 3_2

Municipal Boundaries and Water Service Boundary

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