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Keeping Citations Off Your Record

Points will not be added to your driver's record for most traffic citations if you attend Driver Improvement School. The fee to attend Driver Improvement School is $84.

You may register for Driver Improvement School and pay in person at the Metro Court Case Setting/Violations Division. If you have attended Driver Improvement School within 18 months of receiving the new citation, you cannot go to Driver Improvement School again. If you do not attend Driver Improvement School, you must either pay the fine, fees and costs or schedule a court hearing.

If your case is heard by a Judge and you are found guilty and ordered to attend Driver Improvement School, court fees and costs will be charged (does not include separate payment for Driver Improvement School).

Note: Look carefully at your citation. If the "ordinance box" is checked on your citation, you have been cited under City ordinance, rather than state law. If so, there are certain differences with which you need to be familiar.  The fines for speeding under City ordinance are MANDATORY. Registration and attendance at Driver Improvement School is not a permitted option.

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