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Common Violations and Fines

Fines and fees assessed by the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court for common traffic violations.

Schedule of fines for speeding violations under City Ordinance

Look carefully at your citation.  If the "ordinance box" is checked on your citation, you have been cited under City ordinance, rather than state law.  If so, there are certain differences with which you need to be familiar.  The fines for speeding under City ordinance are mandatory.  Registration and attendance at Driver Improvement School is not a permitted option. The following tables show fines and fees in effect as of July 1, 2011.

Speeding ViolationFineFeesTotal
1 to 10 mph over $120 $65 $185
11 to 15 mph over $170 $65 $235
16 to 20 mph over $220 $65 $285
21 to 25 mph over $270 $65 $335
26 to 30 mph over $320 $65 
31 to 35 mph over $370 $65 $435
36 mph over or more $420 
$65 $485

If you cannot afford to pay the speeding fine and fees on a payable citation, you can request that you be allowed to perform community service hours or make payments.

If you wish to pay before your Traffic Arraignment date shown on the bottom of your citation, please call 841-8151 for more information.  You may pay your speeding citation in advance by credit card, mailing payment, or paying in person at the Metro Customer Service Division.  Advance payments must be made no later than 4:00 p.m. the day before your Traffic Arraignment date.

Schedule of fines for traffic and speeding violations under State Statute

The following amounts reflect the current statutory fine and $65.00 in fees when paid at the Metropolitan Court Customer Service Division:

Speeding ViolationFineFeesTotal
1 to 10 mph over $20 $65 $85
11 to 15 mph over $35 $65 $100
16 to 20 mph over $70 
$65 $135
21 to 25 mph over 
$105 $65 $170
26 to 30 mph over $130 $65 $195
31 to 35 mph over 
$65 $220
36 mph over or more $205 
$65 $270


Traffic ViolationFineCourt CostsTotal
Stop Sign Violation $15 $65 $80
Red Light Violation $15 $65 $80
Failure to Yield $15 $65 $80
Signal Required $15 $65 $80
Following too Close $15 $65 $80
No Head Light $45 $65 $110
Child Restraint Violation $30 $65 $95
Seat Belt Violation $30 $65 $95
Defective Windshield $10 $65 $75
No Tail Lights/Headlights $45 $65 $110

Payment may be made with a credit card by calling 841-8151 or mailing your payment along with your citation to Metropolitan Court or in person at the Metropolitan Court Customer Service Division.

The amount of the fines and fees reflect the current state of the law and are subject to change by the Legislature.

If your case is not resolved at Traffic Arraignment and a Judge hears your case and you are found guilty, an additional $20.00 in court costs will be added to the above listed amounts (State Statute 35-6-1 and 66-8-116.3 NMSA 1978).

If the Officer was unable to give you a Traffic Arraignment date, you must come to the Metropolitan Court Customer Service Division to set a date. This must be done within 10 days from the date you received your citation.  Bring your copies of all citations issued.