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Citations That Can Be Dismissed

You may have your traffic citation(s) dismissed if you present the following documents to the Metropolitan Court judge during traffic arraignment. For more information about this program please contact Metropolitan Court Customer Service at (505) 841-8151.

No Registration/No License Plate

Proof of your current registration.

Suspended/No Driver's License

Proof of your valid NM driver's license.

Defective Equipment, i.e. Broken Tail Lights, Broken Headlights, Broken Windshield and Window Tint/Sunscreen

Proof you have replaced/repaired the light(s). If you have made this repair yourself, a receipt listing the specific item(s) purchased. An invoice, from an automotive business verifying windshield repair or verifying required repairs.

Failure to Change Name/Address on License

Bring your valid NM driver's license that has your current information.

No Insurance Citation

Bring your insurance card that indicates you had insurance on the date and time of the issuance of the citation to the Metro Court Customer Service Department. At the time your card is presented, court staff will contact your insurance company to verify coverage.

If you did not have insurance on the date and time of the issuance of the citation, fine and fees of $185.00 will be charged at the Metro Court Customer Service Department.If you appear before a judge on this citation and you are found Guilty, the Metro Court Judges' policy is to impose the following;

First OffenseSecond OffenseSubsequent Offense
$185 in costs and fees $285 in costs and fees $385 in costs and fees

Bring your copy of the citation(s) with you to court!