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Mayor Richard J. Berry unveiled his plan to further his attack on property crime Friday and in doing so he vowed to use all resources possible to continue to make Albuquerque a bad place to be a criminal.

Mayor Berry's Property Crime Initiative

In April of 2013, Mayor Richard J. Berry unveiled his plan to further his attack on property crime Friday and in doing so he vowed to use all resources possible to continue to make Albuquerque a bad pace to be a criminal. On this page you will find ways you can get involved in the city's efforts to "make Albuquerque a bad place to be a criminal."

Mayor Berry Pledges to Fight Property Crime


The second phase of the Mayor’s “Our City, Our Property, Our Plan” will have a strong focus on repeat offenders  the use of technology, a continued implementation of media resources, and teaming up with private industry.

Mayor Berry’s Plan includes:

  • Passing a city ordinance that prohibits cash transactions on precious metals, namely copper.
  • Developing a program in which people can put Q tell stickers on their property.
  • Highlighting a ‘Repeat Offender of the Day’ on APD’s website, social media and in news releases to the media.
  • Running a campaign in which APD police officers will look for cars that are unlocked and place business cards on the door reminding the owner to lock up next time.
  • Expanding the neighborhood watch blog to the entire city of Albuquerque.
  • Working out an agreement with the Department of Transportation and/or Clear Channel that will post stolen car information during the morning rush hours on electronic signs.
  • Utilizing the new Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) to create a repeat offender alert system.
  • Developing public-private partnerships with businesses in order to have access to their live video feeds in the RTCC
  • Expanding APD’s fleet of license plate readers from three to eleven and creating a real-time alert into the RTCC so operators immediately get notified when a stolen car is found..
  • Creating a structurally compromised database through AFD.
  • Expanding on and creating new partnerships with LoJack in which all cars sold in Albuquerque will have tracking device that can be activated by the owner in the vent it is stolen.
  • Using traffic cameras through the RTCC to find stolen cars.

Many aspects of Berry’s plan have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented by the Albuquerque Police Department. In the coming weeks APD will continue to roll out Berry’s agenda.

Mayor's 2010 Initiative Worked

In 2010, Mayor Berry unveiled a 15- point plan to attack property crime in front of 500 mortgage brokers at the National Hispanic Cultural Center,

As a result the city saw the lowest crime rates  in 20 years. Since 2010, the property crime statistics have risen slightly, although still at record low numbers. It is a top priority for Berry and APD to continue to keep property crime low.

According to FBI Uniformed Crime statistics, crime increased 5.5-percent when compared to 2011. Murders, rapes and larcenies and burglaries all had increases while aggravated assaults and auto theft dropped.

Even with the slight increase in 2012, crime has dropped in Albuquerque 7.1 percent when compared to the previous three years before Mayor Berry launched his initiative.

“Although these statics show a slight increase in property crime, it sill shows that APD has been successful at making this city a bad place to be a criminal,” Berry said. “I am proud of the work of every man and woman in uniform who has helped keep these numbers this low.”

Even with the increase in property crime, APD has arrested twice as many thieves than it has three years ago. The number of arrests for residential burglary increased increase of 137 percent since 2009.. Auto Theft also saw a significant increase in the number of arrests at 178 percent. Auto Burglary and Commercial both show increases at 62% for auto burglary and 66% for Commercial Burglary.

Most of these arrests were repeat offenders who were arrested multiple times in the same year.

According to APD statistical analysis, Between the years of 2010-2012, there have been 3,022 total arrests of persons having more than one arrest for auto burglary, auto theft, commercial burglary, or residential burglary. Of those arrests, 293 persons had at least 2 prior arrests. Even more, one of those persons had been arrested 9 times.

“This trend has shown there is a revolving door in the criminal justice system and we need to address it,” Mayor Berry said. “We are going to work with the community!"

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