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Ride Along Rules of Conduct

The Albuquerque Police Department welcomes your participation in out Citizen Police Academy Ride-Along Program. You should be aware that the nature of law enforcement is dangerous, and at times involves tense and critical situations.

In the interest of effective patrol operations, and for your safety, you will be expected to comply with the following regulations governing your conduct while riding in a patrol vehicle, while at the scene of any call, or on any police property.

  1. The officers' decision as to the extent of your involvement in situations is absolute. You MUST obey any instructions given you by any officer or supervisor without delay.
  2. For your safety, the officer may determine that your presence at the scene of an incident is not safe, in which case the officer may choose to leave you at a location (such as a convenience store) which is determined to be safe. The officer will arrange for you to be picked up by another officer, and/or will pick you up after the incident has been resolved.
  3. You WILL NOT handle or operate any equipment, including the radio, lights, siren, or firearms.
  4. You WILL NOT consume any alcoholic beverages prior to, nor will you report for your ride-along under the influence of any intoxicating beverage or drug.
  5. You WILL NOT carry any firearm or other weapon prohibited by State or Federal statute. If you are found in possession of a weapon, and in violation of the law, your ride-along privileges will be immediately, and indefinitely suspended, and you may face prosecution for Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon.
  6. You will convey to no person, by acts or statements, that you are a law enforcement officer, or have the powers and authority of a law enforcement officer.
  7. You will refrain from involving yourself in any physical struggle or verbal intervention with any person(s) encountered by the officer with whom you are riding; however, you are required by law to render assistance to the officer should he/she request it of you.
  8. You will not become involved in any investigation, or discuss the investigation, or facts of any case with another citizen. You will not make known to any unauthorized person the identity of persons suspected of and/or arrested for any offense, nor will you reveal the identity of any person detained by the police for any reason.
  9. As a civilian rider, you are expected to be dressed and groomed in an appropriate, professional manner. Shorts, t-shirts with any logos, or writing on it is NOT PERMITTED. Sandals and flip-flops are also prohibited. The Watch Commander has the authority to deny you permission to ride along if your appearance is such that it detracts from the professional image of the Albuquerque Police Department.
  10. You will remain with your assigned officer for the entire duration of your ride-along unless the circumstances outlined in #2 above require temporary interruption of your ride-along, or unless reassigned by the Shift Sergeant or the Watch Commander.
  11. If your conduct is determined to interrupt or impair effective law enforcement or other police operations, your ride-along will be immediately terminated, and depending on the circumstances your privilege to remain in the Citizen Police Academy may be rescinded.

Please submit comments or questions to Officer Gerald Sandoval, CPA Coordinator, at (505) 343-5009.

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