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APD Recommends Online Active Shooter Prevention Training

Online FEMA Course and Active Shooter Video Available Free to the Public

In light of recent tragedies experience by our nation, the Albuquerque Police Department would like to recommend a free online active shooter FEMA training and an online training video that are both available to the public.

The online FEMA active shooter training course is written for non-law enforcement individuals and makes suggestions for prevention and reaction should one find themselves in an active shooter scenario.

The course objectives include:

 - Actions to take when confronted by an active shooter

 - Potential workplace violence indicators

 - Prevention and preparation for active shooter incidents

 - managing the consequences of an active shooter incident

The online training can be accessed at:


Albuquerque Police Department not only trains and prepares their officers to respond quickly and efficiently to active shooter incidents, but they also routinely train schools and local businesses to prepare for and prevent active shooter scenarios.  APD recommends the following video to the public as a brief summary to prepare the general public for appropriate reactions in case they find themselves in an active shooter situation.