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Repeat Offender of the Day: Robert Pacheco

Robert Pacheco

The Albuquerque Police Department has named Robert Pacheco as today’s Repeat offender of the Day. Pacheco has 1 prior arrests and was charged today in Metropolitan Court with Burglary.

As a part of the repeat offender of the day program, the Albuquerque Police Department is placing Pacheco’s picture on its Facebook page and web site as well as posting a link on the department’s Twitter account. The repeat offender of the day program was started in March 2013 by Police Chief Raymond Schultz and Mayor Richard J. Berry in their continuing effort to reduce property crime.

Today’s Repeat Offender

Name: Robert Pacheco

Year of Birth: 1995

Number of Prior Arrests: 1

Number of Felony Convictions: 0

Most Recent Arrest: Burglary