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West Route 66 SDP

Contact: Carol Toffaleti, Senior Planner – tel 505-924-3345 – fax 505-924-3339

Update - December 27, 2013

During a December 16, 2013 procedural vote on R-12-122, the Council voted not to extend the time frame for consideration of the West Route 66 sector development plan, effectively terminating the adoption process of the proposed updated Plan. Specifically, the two-thirds majority vote required by the Council’s Rules of Procedure to suspend rules was not reached. As a result, the legislation adopting the plan expired on December 17, 2013, terminating the project. There will not be a hearing on the West Route 66 Sector Development Plan at the January 15, 2014 Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee as previously scheduled.

In the coming months, the project team will work with Councilors and stakeholders to explore avenues for moving forward with some of the projects brought forth by the community during the sector plan process. In addition, Councilor Isaac Benton plans to move forward with zoning that encourages walkable, mixed-use development in the portion of the corridor east of the Rio Grande, which serves as an important connection between multiple amenities serving residents and tourists.

Contact Andrew Webb at City Council Services (768-3161 or [email protected]) or the Planning Department (see top of page) if you have any questions. .

Council Documents

Below is information from the second LUPZ hearing on October 16, 2013:

This revised zone represents a proposed strategy to simplify other zones, regulations and standards in the Plan and address stakeholder concerns raised at LUPZ and EPC.

Below is information from the first LUPZ hearing on June 12, 2013. The link to the agenda includes the EPC Record:

***Note: Pages 687-743 of the EPC Record is the 11-1-2012 Red-Line Chapter 4 Zoning and Development Regulations.

EPC Documents

Attachments to the November 1, 2012 staff report:

Matrix of Comments and Responses

      Red-Line of Chapter 4 – Zoning and Development Regulations

        The two appeals regarding the project, (AC-12-14) and (AC-12-15), were resolved. The Council accepted the City’s Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO) recommendations and denied the appeals.

        Draft West Route 66 Sector Development Plan (2.23.12 EPC)










                Entire Document:

              • WR66 draft plan 2-23-12 (181 pages) [pdf, 36.3MB]
              • Chapters:

                ***Note: Chapter 4 was updated for the November 1, 2012 EPC. The current version is the Red-Line.



                In addition to the new West Route 66 SDP, the EPC application (Project #1009157) includes related requests to adjust the boundaries of the Tower Unser, Old Town and Huning Castle - Raynolds Addition Sector Development Plans (see below) and certain activity center designations in the West Side Strategic Plan (see WR66 Activity Centers above)

                Community Planning Process

                The West Route 66 project team presented a Working Draft of the new plan at a Community meeting on October 25, 2011 attended by property-owners, residents and other stakeholders in the future of West Central Ave.

                The community Liaison Committee met over summer 2011 to give feedback to the project team for modifying and developing zoning, and making recommendations on transportation and other elements in the new plan. The committee included neighborhood representatives, business- and property-owners. MRCOG Transportation Planning staff and the Director of ABQ Ride also gave presentations on traffic forecasts and a potential Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in the West Central corridor. See hand-outs and notes below.

                A Community meeting to present Options for Implementation took place on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Below are the strategies that the city project team proposed for the corridor at the meeting and a summary of the discussion:

                A Community meeting to present the Outcomes of the three Visioning Workshops took place on February 15, 2011:

                Materials from December 7, 2010 East Extension Listening & Visioning Meeting:

                Notes from October 26, 2010 Listening Meeting [pdf, 101KB]

                Notes from October 5, 2010 Listening Meeting [pdf 77KB]

                Handouts from September 7, 2010 Community Kick-Off Meeting:


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