Volcano Trails SDP

Councilor Dan Lewis is pleased to present the Volcano Trails Sector Development Plan (SDP), last amended in November 2014.

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The Volcano Trails SDP is a Rank 3 plan, including goals, policies, and regulations, for an area of approximately 450 acres on the City’s Northwest Mesa.  The Plan envisions a neighborhood with a range of high quality housing options connected to the Petroglyph National Monument by an open space network.

Update as of 11/3/14

On October 22, 2014, the Mayor signed text amendments to the Volcano Trails SDP.  The amendments were published on October 31, 2014 and became effective on November 5, 2014.  The City Council voted to approve the amendments on October 6, 2014.  These amendments were first recommended for approval by the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) on February 6, 2014.

Text Amendments

As originally intended, the Planning Department returned to all three sector development plans in Volcano Mesa after Volcano Heights was adopted in August 2013 to update the transportation network to be consistent among the three plans, as well as the Rank 2 West Side Strategic Plan Volcano Mesa amendment.  In reviewing these plans, other minor items were also identified to be fixed, clarified, and/or adjusted to better meet plan goals.

The zoning map designations were not affected, nor did goals and policies change.  The text amendments include the following items:

  • Updated transportation network map and standards to be consistent with Volcano Heights SDP, including adding cross sections and access modifications, Volcano Cliffs SDP, and Special Assessment District 228 to include the full transportation network within Volcano Mesa.
  • Updated the zoning map label for VTRD where it was colored correctly but labeled incorrectly.
  • Revised General Standards regarding residential garages and utilities to be consistent with the Volcano Heights SDP.
  • Revised General Regulations regarding plant lists, color restrictions, and grading to be consistent with Volcano Heights SDP.
  • Updated language about fugitive dust to ensure the enforceability of the regulations and remove the exemption for public rights-of-way and public easements.
  • Items revised per developer request, including an exception for residential grading requirements, wall heights, three car garages, garage facades, garage bays, and building heights in SU-2/Volcano Trails Medium Lot (VTML)

Amended Draft

The draft reflecting the most recent amendments is available for review and download below.

Original Adopted Plan

The Plan was originally adopted by City Council on August 15, 2011. The original Plan is available for download here.


Volcano Trails is one of three sector plan areas that make up Volcano Mesa, a community covering approximately 3,532 acres.  Volcano Heights and Volcano Cliffs are the other two sector plan areas. Volcano Trails was originally owned and master planned by one developer:  Longford Homes.  Its single-family subdivisions have been constructed most recently by DR Horton.  Future phases of construction are expected to be accomplished by a variety of developers.

The Volcano Trails SDP covers 446 acres of land and contains goals and policies related to Transportation, the Environment /Open Space, and Land Use. The Land Use chapter adopts zoning and general regulations to guide future development within the area. The policies and regulations in the plan were developed to reflect the Vision and Guiding Principles in the plan, as well as implementing the policies of the Volcano Mesa amendment to the Rank 2 West Side Strategic Plan.

Volcano Mesa is unique in being surrounded on three sides by more than 7,000 acres of open space under City, State and Federal jurisdictions. The Volcano Mesa area includes portions of the land the US Congress set aside in 1990 as Petroglyph National Monument (the “Monument”).  All plans within the Volcano Mesa area help guide development to be sensitive and responsive to the area’s unique cultural, geological, and archaeological history, including both challenges and opportunities.

The Volcano Mesa plans also work together to accomplish several objectives: (1) to address the jobs/housing imbalance on the City’s West Side by allowing mixed uses and increased density in appropriate places in each Plan area, (2) to address traffic congestion by contributing to the roadway network grid on the West Side and encouraging transit-supportive development along key corridors; and (3) to improve quality of life for residents by providing opportunities for goods and services within easy walking and biking distance of neighborhoods.


Volcano Trails is one of three sector development plans being developed for the area referred to as Volcano Mesa. Each plan contains goals, policies, and regulations that address land use, transportation, and environment/open space.