Martineztown/ Santa Barbara SDP

Contact: Lorena Patten-Quintana, Planner/Project Manager - 505-924-3940

The Plan will establish land development regulations and recommend capital improvements to preserve and protect the neighborhood’s historic residential core and existing commercial properties.


Substituting the 2012 version with the 2010 version with changes that reflect the desires of the community will be a recommendation to the EPC by Planning staff.

The Planning Department's intention to make the substitution was determined subsequent to a consensus request from the community and the stakeholder groups at the last of three facilitated public meetings held in November and December.  As of January 10, 2013 there is community consensus on the zoning language.

The 2010 version of the Martineztown/Santa Barbara Sector Development Plan Draft can be found here:

The next EPC hearing will take place Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. in the Plaza del Sol Basement Hearing Room.

Notice of this hearing was mailed to all property owners of record within 100 feet of the Martineztown/Santa Barbara Plan Area on January 17, 2013.

Public Process

This process was initiated by the Planning Department at the request of the neighborhood to address ongoing concerns about incompatible land uses, drainage and traffic. The Sector Development Plan kick off meeting was held in June of 2007. The City had conducted of total of 18 public meetings to assess existing conditions, identify community issues and develop recommendations to address those issues. Zoning issues were discussed and zoning and design standards were developed.

The 2010 plan was written by the Planning Department and implementing City Divisions with assistance from the consulting firm Sites Southwest (2007-2009).  The 2010 plan was submitted to the community in August of 2010.  At that time, City Council contracted the services of Strata Design and later, Karpoff and Associates to conduct additional workshops, surveys and facilitated meetings.  The additional public outreach and the expansion of the planning team resulted in the 2012 Draft Plan that was submitted to the EPC and first heard on March 1, 2012.

While the 2012 plan may have been acceptable in its recommendations, the community did not support the draft as evidenced below.

Hearing #1 March 1, 2012

Planning Staff requested a 60 day continuance based on the written and verbal requests for continuance/deferral from the community and the need for additional time to review their comments.  Comments were received from property owners, residents, business owners, member of the Neighborhood Association and the MTSB SDP Advisory Committee.  The testimony and letters of opposition (primarily to zone changes), from the community led to the Commission granting the continuance to May 3, 2012 and recommending that specific representatives from the different groups sit together to come to a compromise.

The MTSB community reportedly held 2 meetings to negotiate and develop a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to present to the Commission at the May Hearing.  The groups represented at these meetings include the Santa Barbara Martineztown Neighborhood Association, the Albuquerque Interfaith Group, and the Santa Barbara Martineztown Business Association.  The City was not a part of these negotiations.

Hearing #2 May 3, 2012

Planning Staff requested a 30 day continuance based on the requests from the representatives of the groups listed above.  The groups reported successful negotiations and requested a continuance in order to conduct additional meetings to finalize their Agreement.

The community requested and the Commission granted a 90 day continuance to August 2, 2012.

Hearing #3 August 2, 2012

Planning Staff requested a 30 day deferral because of the substantial changes in the zoning proposed in the August 2012 redline draft.  Both in writing and at the hearing, all four stakeholder groups asked for an additional six months to understand the new zoning.  Testimony included concerns about lack of clear explanation of zone changes, removal of existing permissive uses, onerous and expensive design standards, and expensive professional representation required to understand the sector development plans.

The Commission granted the community a 6 month deferral to February 7, 2013 with the expectation that the City engage professional facilitation between stakeholder groups and the planning team.

Per the August 2, 2012 EPC directive, the City hosted three facilitated meetings with the Martineztown/Santa Barbara community.  As referenced in the summary update, the four stakeholder groups and other members of the community came to a consensus to support the 2010 draft.

The community stated that the 2012 plan was difficult to understand with an overabundance of rules and regulations.  Many property owners were opposed to the rezoning of their properties.  The stakeholder groups and other community members said the 2010 plan better reflected their goals to keep the historic village environment and better defined projects to address their needs.  The 2010 plan is a much briefer document.

Based on all four stakeholder group’s request, substitution of the 2012 MTSB SDP Draft with the 2010 MTSB SDP Draft with the zone changes that reflect the desires of the community is Planning Staff’s recommendation to the Commission.

Purpose of the Sector Development Plan

This Sector Plan addresses issues identified by the Martineztown Neighborhood Association in their December 2006 letter to the Albuquerque Planning Department. Specific neighborhood issues were: incompatible land use patterns and existing zoning; flooding and drainage problems; inadequate sanitary sewer line capacity and condition; and, commercial and high speed traffic in the neighborhood.

The Plan area is approximately 548 acres bounded by Menaul Boulevard on the north, Lomas Boulevard on the south, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express Railway tracks (NMRX) on the west, and Interstate 25 on the east.

Opportunities for Review and Comment

The EPC generally holds two public hearings before sending its recommendations to City Council. You may present comments verbally at the hearings and /or send written comments to Madeline Carruthers for inclusion in the file. Once the City Council receives the EPC recommendations from the City administration, a request for adoption will be introduced at a City Council hearing and then scheduled for study at the City Council Land Use Planning and Zoning Committee.

You will have several opportunities to submit written comments. Written comments may be submitted up to two weeks prior to the next public hearing for inclusion in staff reports. Written comments may also be submitted in person the day of the hearing. Written comments received during and after a public hearing will be included in the case file to be considered at the next step in the approval process.

Hand deliver, fax or email your comments to the EPC Board Secretary:

Madeline Carruthers, EPC Board Secretary
600 2nd Street NW, 3rd Floor
Fax: 505-924-3339, Attention: Madeline Carruthers
Email: [email protected]