Neighborhood Association Policies

It is a good policy to let your City Councilor know about your meetings. Send meeting notices or call, giving them advance notice, especially if you plan to invite them to participate at one of your neighborhood meetings.

A Reminder for Neighborhood Associations

Is your City Councilor on your Newsletter mailing list? Send a copy to all your local elected officials. Also include our office on your mailing list – we love to read newsletters – let’s us know what’s happening in your neighborhood. Our address is listed on the back of the newsletter.

Check Your Vitals

Neighborhood Association Annual Report for Recognized, Coalition, Homeowners – for the month of January are due to ONC by April 1, February reports due by May 1, March is due by June 1, etc. Just a reminder – we will need the original Neighborhood Association Annual Report for Recognized, Coalition, Homeowners and a copy of the announcement of your Annual Meeting before your Neighborhood Association Annual Report will be approved for the year. You can get a copy of the form online here.

Please Let us Know If Your Neighborhood’s Contacts Have Changed – during the month many departments that use our Neighborhood Association List notify us that the contacts have changed. The changes that we are aware of include (i.e., no longer contacts, mail returned from post office, wrong phone number, invalid e-mail address, etc.) When we get such a notification, Dalaina will contact the remaining association contact to see if this information is indeed correct.