Design Review & Construction

The Design Review/Construction (DRC) Section is responsible for the design review, oversight inspection, and acceptance of public infrastructure installed within City right-of-way and easements.

Prior to constructing public water, sewer, road, drainage, and parks, an approved set of plans along with all required agreements, easements, and permits must be in place. The DRC Section works with the developer and consultant engineer to ensure that all the required documents completed accurately.

The DRC/Construction Section is responsible for the following items related to public infrastructure:

  • Review and approve design drawings for water, sewer, hydrology and roads
  • Review and process Subdivision Improvement Agreements (SIAs)
  • Review, approve and track financial guarantees
  • Review and process agreement and covenants, well monitoring permits, license agreements, revocable permits, streetscape agreements, and public easements
  • Issue Work Orders for construction of public infrastructure and/or construction of infrastructure list requirements
  • Oversight construction inspection of Work Order projects
  • Final acceptance of Work Order public infrastructure
  • Schedule and conduct warranty inspections
  • Update the City Engineer’s Unit Price Guide


Section Manager

Jane Rael, Ph.D., P.E., Principal Engineer - 505-924-3992

DRC Chairman, Financial Guarantees, Engineer Estimates

Stephen Woodall, P.E., Senior Engineer - 505-924-3993

Process DRC Submittals, Schedule DRC Meetings, Distribute the DRC Agenda, Collection of Design Deposit Fees and Engineering Fees, Issue City Project Numbers (CPN), Schedule Pre-construction Work Order Meetings

Monica Ortiz, DRC Scheduler - 505-924-3975

SIAs, Extensions, Amendments, Assignments, Calculate Engineering Fees, Work Orders, Sidewalk Verification and Calculation, Release of Agreements and Financial Guarantee

Marilyn Maldonado, Construction Document Specialist - 505-924-3997

Revocable Permits, License Agreements, Streetscape Agreements, Release of Agreements and Financial Guarantees, Tracking of SIAs, Paper Public Easements

Pam Lujan, Senior Administrative Assistant - 505-924-3996

Schedule Pre-Construction Work Order Meetings, Work Order Distribution, Receive Close Out Packages, Close Out Fees, Work Order Construction Material Submittals, Bid Distributions and Water Meter Releases

Lisa Cornejo, Senior Administrative Assistant - 505-924-3420

Construction Engineer East of the Rio Grande River

Anthony Lopez, P.E., Senior Engineer - 505-924-3422

Construction Engineer West of the Rio Grande River

Paul Olson, P.E., Senior Engineer - 505-924-3421

Design Review and Construction Forms and Documents