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Learn more about the Planning Department's divisions and sections.

Planning Divisions and Sections


Albuquerque Geographic Information System, the city's primary GIS group.

Contact: Michelle Gricius, Division Manager - 505-924-3816


Building Safety

Building permits and inspections are required for new construction, additions, and remodeling work to ensure building safety.

Contact: Land Clark, Division Manager - 505-924-3313


Code Enforcement

This Division enforces the Uniform Housing Code and the Comprehensive City Zoning Code.

Contact: Brennon Williams, Division Manager - 505-924-3454


Development Review Services

Your One-Stop Shop for information regarding development requests.
Contact: Shahab Biazar, City Engineer - 505-924-3422


    Office of Neighborhood Coordination

    A liaison between neighborhood associations and City government. We publish a monthly newsletter, Neighborhood News.

    Contact: Stephani Winklepleck, Neighborhood Liaison - 505-924-3902


    Real Property Division

    The Real Property Division for the City of Albuquerque is dedicated to providing comprehensive, professional real estate services for the benefit of the City of Albuquerque.

    Contact:  Reylene Garcia, Interim Division Manager - 505-924-3487


    Urban Design and Development

    Ensures internal and external coordination of long-range planning, development review, and redevelopment functions that affect the physical development of Albuquerque.

    Contact: Russell Brito, Division Manager - 505-924-3337

    Three sections comprise the Urban Design & Development Division: