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May 2014 Newsletter

May is National Building Safety Month. Visit the ICC website for more information.

Re-Roofing your home or business? Be an informed consumer!
All re-roofing within the State of New Mexico must be permitted and inspected. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that a permit is in place before any re-roof work is started. State law does allow a homeowner to purchase a homeowner permit and to re-roof their own home (does not apply to rentals).
Re-roofing must comply with State Code (NMAC), the appropriate International Code (International Residential Code or International Building Code) and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
As always, feel free to e-mail code or safety questions to [email protected]

"Do I need a permit to build a treehouse?"
Section 109.2.1 of the Uniform Administrative Code states that a permit is not needed for one-story detached accessory buildings used as playhouses or similar uses, provided the building area does not exceed 120 square feet.

"Do you have permit records or plans for my property?"
We have permit records going back to 2006.
Commercial building plans are available on microfilm. Visit our office or call (505) 924-3320.
We began archiving residential plans in 2012. If you need drawings of a residential building that was built before 2012, check with your neighborhood association or the original home builder.

March 2014 Newsletter

Spring is here!

Need to add a storage shed or playhouse to your property (commercial or residential)? Be aware of the rules for sheds, playhouses and similar structures. See your City Uniform Administrative Code, section 109, for clarification.

Changing out your evaporative cooler for refrigerated air conditioning or a combination heating and air conditioning unit?
Be careful not to overload your existing roof framing! If the added roof load is more than 5% of the original design load for the roof system, an evaluation by a New Mexico Professional Engineer and an Alteration Permit will be required in addition to your tradesman’s permit.

Plan Scanning Pilot Program
Building Safety is going green!
We are testing a process for digitizing plans in order to review them faster and reduce our paper storage needs. We will be selecting a small number of plans to start. For more information, ask at the permit desk.