Building Safety

Building permits and inspections are required for new construction, additions, and remodeling work to confirm that all structures meet applicable City, State and National building code requirements. This ensures that all buildings within Albuquerque are built and maintained safely.

Building owners are required to maintain their buildings to ensure a safe environment for the citizens of Albuquerque. The Building Safety Division provides services that ensure that buildings within the City of Albuquerque are built and maintained to the applicable building standards and codes.



Before Beginning the Project

Whether you are considering building a new structure, adding an addition to an existing structure or doing a remodel to an existing structure, please keep the following in mind:

Plan for Safety

Follow these guidelines for safe planning:

  • Make a detailed catalog of the planned work. Is it just a simple replacement of some electrical equipment within a wall? Or the replacement of the entire wall? All proposed work must be included in the permit or extra fees may be applied.
  • Contact the Planning Departments Building Safety Division at (505) 924-3320 or the Permit Counter at (505) 924-3962 and confirm what types of permits are required to do the work planned.
  • Work with a design or contractor who knows the New Mexico State Building Codes and will include all safety requirements into the project design.

Build for Safety

  • Choose a contractor who is licensed with the New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department and will do the project according to the safety requirements in the approved plans. (Please use the PSI License Search tool to confirm that a contractor's license is valid.)
  • Use building products that are safe, durable, and comply with all applicable codes.

Inspect for Safety

Ensure that all permitted work has all inspections done. Work must remain accessible and exposed for inspection until approved by the inspector. The permit professional or homeowner must schedule the inspections. The project must remain safe and be completed in a timely manner

Building Codes

The various codes used to review, approve and inspect construction projects and existing buildings.

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Building Permits

Builders can apply for building permits at the Building Permit Office, located at 600 2nd NW. Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Fill out the building permit application form.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Guides and Information

Energy Code Information

To streamline the review of the adopted energy codes, the Building Safety Division will now require a new energy code checklist. (See enclosed) The new form will require only the results of the energy calculations be submitted at time of application.

The applicant must provide basic demographics, the method of compliance, the software used to determine compliance, and indicate the heating and cooling BTU load. The calculations must be available if requested but will not be required for submittal.

This simplified checklist will allow the designer of the project to utilize any Department of Energy approved method to achieve compliance and affirm conformity with the adopted 2009 energy code. The intent of this process is to reduce the burden to the building industry without lessening adherence to the codes.

Energy Code Checklist (This link will take you to the Building Safety Forms page)

For assistance, please contact Luz Montoya, Manager, Plan Reviewers, Building Safety at (505) 924-3959 or Lee Brammeier at (505) 924-3958.

Albuquerque's Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review Logo

ePlan is an electronic plan review process available to developers, contractors, architects, homeowners, and anyone else planning to apply for a building permit and build in Albuquerque. The ePlan process allows builders to work with the City of Albuquerque electronically, bypassing lengthy and costly processes of the past.

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FasTrax Logo Image

FasTrax is Albuquerque's expedited plan review process available to those seeking a building permit. Builders can expect an average of six days' turnaround time using the expedited process.

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Albuquerque's Green Path Program

Albuquerque's Green Path Image

  • Substantially exceed code minimum requirements
  • Only the most energy efficient buildings meet Greet Path criteria
  • Green Path Energy Conservation Certificates, issued with the building permit, are official recognition by the Green Path Administrator of the extraordinary level of achievement these projects represent
  • Albuquerque Green certificates are issued at completion of high-performance green building projects.

Learn more about Albuquerque's Green Path program.

Building Safety Quick Links

Building Forms & Permit Reports

A directory of forms and publications related to obtaining permits.

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Permits & Inspections

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