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Weed Season Is Upon Us

Are you prepared for weed season?

Warmer temperatures result in the growth of all sorts of vegetation, both wanted and unwanted. Please remember your responsibility to maintain your property in compliance with City of Albuquerque requirements by ensuring that any weeds with a height or spread of more than four (4) inches are removed from the following areas:

  • Within the front, rear and/or side yards of your property;
  • Between your property line(s) and the middle of the alley adjacent to your property
  • Between your property line(s) and the curb; or
  • The area located ten feet outside your property line(s) if there is no curb (reference Section 9-8-4, ROA 1994).
  • Weed Identification Handbook 2012 - pictures and descriptions of Albuquerque's weeds
  • Report weeds and litter on-line

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation in protecting your neighborhood and community from blighting and deteriorating conditions that have a negative impact on area property values and quality-of-life considerations.