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Energy Code Checklist

To streamline the review of the adopted energy codes, the Building Safety Division will now require a new energy code checklist. The new form will require only the results of the energy calculations be submitted at time of application.

The applicant must provide basic demographics, the method of compliance, the software used to determine compliance, and indicate the heating and cooling BTU load. The calculations must be available if requested but will not be required for submittal.

This simplified checklist will allow the designer of the project to utilize any Department of Energy approved method to achieve compliance and affirm conformity with the adopted 2009 energy code. The intent of this process is to reduce the burden to the building industry without lessening adherence to the codes.  To review the Energy Code Checklist, please visit our Building Safety page - "Energy Code Information".

For assistance, please contact Luz Montoya, Manager, Plan Reviewers, Building Safety at 505-924-3959 or Lee Brammeier at 505-924-3958.