Residential Inspections

This division's administrative staff schedule Field Inspections for inspectors to address construction status and issues. The Chief Building Inspector directs and dispatches State & ICC-certified inspectors to appropriate job sites to ensure code compliance.

constructionResidential Inspections include:

  • Compliance at each Construction Stage
  • Permit Application Review
  • Blueprint Storage
  • Building Codes & Standards Questions
  • Certificate of Occupancy Issuance
  • Microfiche Services
  • Construction Industry Division (CID)
    • Addresses complaints
    • Condemns commercial buildings not in line with codes & standards

The Building Safety division is located on the Garden Level of the Plaza Del Sol building at 600 2nd St NW. The office is open during regular business hours Monday through Friday. For more information, contact the Building Inspection Section at 505-924-3320.