Case Tracking

Track the status of your application through the decision process.

What is case tracking?

When an individual or a business decides to "build" something, they submit an application (what is referred to as a "Case") to the Planning department. This could be an addition to a house for a citizen, or a new parking lot for a developer.

Depending upon the type of application, it is presented to a specific group for approval. These groups include: the Board Of Appeals, City Council, Development Review Board, Environmental Planning Commission, Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission and the Zoning Hearing Examiner. The application is electronically "tracked" throughout the process.

Although you can call the Planning Department to obtain the status of your application (i.e. - Case), these reports allow you to "Track" a "Case" throughout the review and approval process, saving you time and effort!

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How It Works

The Application Summary Report provides information for an individual application, including the current status. The Project Summary Report provides information regarding a project and all related applications. The Project Names Report allows you to search for a project number based on any portion of a project name.

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These reports use the Cognos software tools that allow you to view data in a variety of ways. Some reports provide you the capability to export the data in a PDF format and require you to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or higher required).