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Safe City Strike Force

Learn more about the Safe City Strike Force.

What We Do

The Safe City Strike Force (SCSF) enforces the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance (11-1-1-1 et. seq.), the Uniform Housing Code (14-3-1-1 et seq.) and related rules and regulations under the City's Comprehensive Zoning Code. SCSF seeks remedies allowed by State law for abatement of “public nuisances” including but not limited to the demolition of persistently non-compliant properties.

How We Serve You

The SCSF is part of the Planning Department's Code Enforcement Division and has two dedicated staff members who coordinate resources from other City departments in order to resolve public nuisance issues, typically those with a criminal element.  The SCSF staff team members work often with the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Family and Community Services Department, the Planning Department, the Animal Welfare Department, Solid Waste Management Department and City Council.

If you would like to report a nuisance property to request an inspection by the SCSF, please call 311. Be sure to provide the property address, detailed description of the issues and request that either a Code Inspector or a SCSF team member make an inspection. If at anytime you feel you are in immediate danger, please call 911.