Alphabetical listing of Planning Department publications/documents in PDF format.

Approved Master Plans

Adopted Ranked Plans

Academy/Eubank/Tramway Sector Development Plan (1990)

Alameda Blvd Design Overlay Zone (1998)

Albuquerque Comprehensive On-street Bicycle Plan (2000)


Albuquerque & Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan - Rank 1 (Amended through 2013)


    Albuquerque/Bernalillo Archaeological Resource Report (1986)

    Albuquerque-Area Archaeology (2001)

    Albuquerque Indian School Area Development Regulations (2005)

    Alvarado Railroad MRA 

    Amole Arroyo Corridor Plan (1991)

    Atrisco Business Park Master Development Plan (1992/2013)

    Atrisco Vista Wall Overlay Zone


    Balloon Fiesta Park Master Plan (2012)


    Barelas Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (1994)

    Barelas Sector Development Plan (2014)

    Bear Canyon Arroyo Corridor Plan (1991)

    Bikeways & Trails Facilities Plan (2015)


    Bosque Action Plan (1993)


    Building Code - 2012 Uniform Administrative Code


      Cemeteries of Albuquerque (1999)

      Central Avenue Neon Sign Design Overlay Zone (2013) - CAN DOZ

      Central Avenue Streetscape (2001)

      Central/Highland-Upper Nob Hill Redevelopment Plan 2005 & 2004 Master Plan

          City Engineer's Estimated Unit Prices For Contract Items (2009)

          Clayton Heights/Lomas del Cielo Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (2010)

          Code of Ordinances - Including Zoning Code and DPM

          Comprehensive City Zoning Code


          Coors Corridor Plan (1984)


          Development Process Manual


            Downtown Neighborhood Area Sector Development Plan (2012)


                Downtown 2025 Sector Development Plan/Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (Amended June 2014)

                  East Atrisco Sector Development Plan (1984)

                  East Downtown (EDo) Regulatory Plan (2005)

                  East Gateway Sector Development Plan (2011, Amended 2013)

                    Eighth & Forrester Historic Zone Guidelines (1991)

                    El Rancho Artrisco Sector Development Plan - Phase 2 (1985)

                    El Rancho Atrisco Sector Development Plan - Phase 3 (1981)


                    Facility Plan for Arroyos (1986)

                    Facility Plan: Electric System Transmission & Generation (2010 - 2020)

                    Fourth Ward Historic Zone Guidelines (2002)


                    Heritage Hills East Sector Development Plan (1987)

                    High Desert Sector Development Plan (1993, Amended 2001)

                    Historic Albuquerque Today

                    Historic Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (2012)

                    Historic Preservation in Albuquerque

                    Huning Castle & Raynolds Addition Neighborhood Sector Development Plan (1981) (1981, Amended through 2002)

                    Huning Highland Historic Zone Guidelines (2010)

                    Huning Highland Sector Development Plan (1988)


                    Infill Development Study (1988)

                    Interstate Corridor Enhancement Plan (2000)


                    Journal Center 2 - Land Development Guidelines (2001, Amended 2003)

                    Journal Center Park Development Standards

                    Journal Center Project Standards


                    La Cuesta Sector Development Plan (1982)

                    La Cueva Sector Development Plan (2000, Amended 2003)

                    La Mesa Sector Development Plan (1976)

                    Land Development Procedures (Summary)

                    Lava Shadows Sector Development Plan (1984)

                    Los Candelarias Village Center and Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (2001)

                    Los Duranes Sector Development Plan (2012)

                    Los Griegos Sector Development Plan (1987)


                    Major Public Open Space Facility Plan (1999)

                    Martineztown/Santa Barbara Sector Development Plan (1990, Amended 2002)

                    Master Plan for Volcano Park (1984)

                    McClellan Park Sector Development Plan/Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (1984)

                    Mesa del Sol Level A Community Master Plan (2005)


                    Mesa del Sol Level B Master Plan (2008, Amended 2012)


                    Near Heights Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Expansion Plan (2010)


                    Near Heights Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan

                        Nob Hill Highland Sector Development Plan (2007 - Amended 2014)

                        Nor Este Sector Development Plan (1987)

                        North 4th Street Rank III Corridor Plan (2010)

                        North I-25 Sector Development Plan (2010)

                        North Valley Area Plan - Rank II (1993)


                        Northwest Mesa Escarpment Plan (1987)


                        Old Albuquerque High School Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan Part I (1984)

                        Old Albuquerque High School Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan Part II

                        Old Town Historic Zone Guidelines (1998)

                        Old Town Sector Development Plan (1977)


                        Pajarito Arroyo Corridor Plan/Background Data (1990)

                        Planned Communities Criteria: Policy Element (1991)

                        Quintessence Sector Development Plan (1993)


                          R-270-1980 - Policies for Zone Map Change Applications

                            Railroad Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan

                            Renaissance- A Master Plan for the New Southwest (1985)

                            Rio Bravo Sector Development Plan (Amended 2009)

                            Rio Grande Blvd Corridor Plan (1989)

                            Riverview Sector Development Plan (1985)

                            Route 66 Action Plan - Rank 2 (2014)


                            Sandia Foothills Area Plan - Rank 2 (1983)

                            Sandia Science & Technology Park (2001, Amended 2011)


                            Sawmill/Wells Park Sector Development Plan (1996, Amended 2000)


                            Sawmill/Wells Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (2005)

                            Seven Bar Ranch Sector Development Plan (1985, Amended 2012)

                            Silver Hill Historic Overlay Zone - Development Guidelines (2010)

                            Soldiers-Sailors Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan

                            South Barelas Industrial Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan

                            South Broadway Neighborhood Sector Development Plan/Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (1986)

                            South Martineztown Sector Development Plan (1995)

                            Southwest Area Plan - Rank 2 (1988)

                            South Yale Sector Development Plan (2009)

                            St Joseph Hospital/Civic Auditorium Area Sector Development Plan (1979)

                            Standard Specifications on Public Works Construction (2011 Update)

                            Sunport Boulevard Design Overlay Zone (1992)

                            Sycamore Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan


                              Tingley Beach Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan - R-305

                                Tingley Beach Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan - R-306

                                  Tower/Unser Sector Development Plan (2009)

                                  Trumbull Neighborhood Sector Development Plan (1981, Amended 2011)

                                  Twelfth & Menaul Study Recommendations (2005)

                                  University of Albuquerque Sector Development Plan (1980)

                                  University Neighborhood Sector Development Plan (1986)

                                  Unser Boulevard Overlay Zone (1992)

                                  Uptown Sector Development Plan (2009)

                                  Urban Design Series I (1997)

                                  Urban Design Series III (1997)


                                  Urban Growth Projections (2010)


                                  Urban Growth Trends 1980-1990 (1992)


                                  Vacant Building Ordinance

                                  Vacant Building Registration

                                  Vineyard Sector Development Plan (2000)

                                  Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan (2014)

                                  Volcano Trails Sector Development Plan (2014)


                                  Weed Identification Hand Book 2012

                                  West Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (2004)

                                  West Mesa Sector Development Plan (1976)

                                  West Route 66 Sector Development Plan (Amended 2009)

                                  West Side Strategic Plan – Rank 2 (1997, Amended 2014)

                                  West Four Hills/South Eubank Planning Guidelines (1980)

                                  Westland Master Plan (2009, Amended 2012)

                                  Westland Sector Plan (now Western ABQ. Land Holdings Sector Plan) - see Westland Master Plan, Appendix A

                                  Window G Sector Development Plan (1996)


                                  Zonal Certification Application

                                  Zonal Verification Request