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Spay & Neuter Your Pet at Animal Welfare

The City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department is offering free spay and neuter surgeries for the dogs and cats of low-income and moderate-income Albuquerque residents.

The surgeries are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the East Side Animal Shelter Veterinary Clinic. Details about the times, qualifications and services are explained on the department’s Web site and should be consulted before bringing an animal to the shelter.

Sterilization of pets is one of the most important steps that can be taken to promote animal welfare. Every year, thousands of kittens and puppies are born into short lives of suffering and death in Albuquerque because people did not spay or neuter their pets. There are simply not enough homes for the animals that are born because of this type of neglect.

Under most circumstances, it is against the law in Albuquerque to own a dog or cat unless you have it spayed or neutered. But the city program, along with other programs available in our community, can provide the surgeries at no charge or low cost. There is information on the city’s Web site about various programs offered in Albuquerque.

There also are programs that will help you arrange for the free spay and neuter of the street cats in your neighborhood, to help control the cat population while providing humane treatment of the animals. For information, contact New Mexico Animal Friends,
(505) 881-7297, option 3, or the Best Friends Animal Society, (505) 440-3441.

The city’s free surgery program is offered to those who do not exceed the moderate-income level for their family size. The income figures are derived from federal guidelines for Albuquerque.


Family Size

Low Income

Moderate Income


























For more information, see our Spay and Neuter Information page.

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