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Middle Rio Grande Restoration Project

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The Middle Rio Grande Restoration project has restored 916 acres of native bosque (riparian cottonwood forest) along a 26 mile stretch of the Middle Rio Grande between Isleta Pueblo and the northern border of Sandia Pueblo. The project was implemented by the USACE in concert with the project sponsors, the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD), and Sandia Pueblo, the City of Albuquerque, and multiple collaborators including Federal, State, city governments, and local neighborhoods..

This $25 million project partially fulfills Corps requirements on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2003 Biological Opinion (Section 7, Endangered Species Act) to create and restore habitat within this reach of the river for the listed Rio Grande silvery minnow and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. In addition, habitat restoration benefits songbirds and other species that migrate along this river corridor.

Major habitat restoration features include:Rio Grande Restoration

  • High-flow channels and wetlands that serve as nurseries for the silvery minnow and refugia for multiple fish and wildlife species.
  • Swales favorable to the restoration of stands of native Goodding’s and Coyote willow to the floodplain in order establish and enhance available habitat for flycatcher and other riparian area obligates.
  • Bank terracing efforts to create a more diverse river environment favorable to native vegetation while discouraging establishment and spread of saltcedar and other exotic plants. These terracing efforts include the removal of selected Jetty Jacks within the project area.
  • Reductions in understory non-native vegetation to create the kind of patchy, native shrub thickets, grasses, and open cottonwood forest that was characteristic of this region historically. This will be a continuation of City of Albuquerque fuel-reduction efforts to reduce the intensity of fires in the bosque and to recreate the pattern of natural firebreaks along the riparian corridor.
  • Beneficial use of storm-drain outfall water to the river create moist soil environments and improve establishment of native vegetation

Major recreation features include trail improvements and signs, emergency watercraft access and canoe launching points,  pedestrian benches, and wildlife blinds.

Albuquerque Bike Loop Master Plan

Bike Loop Concept, Courtesy of CABQ DMD Dept.

The 50-Mile Activity Loop is the City of Albuquerque’s proposed 50-mile, multi-use trail and bikeway facility that aims to fill the gaps in our existing trails and bikeways facilities to create a bicycling, running and walking loop around the city. We’re now implementing the route established by the 50-Mile Activity Loop Plan.  Learn More.


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