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Storm Drain Construction in the Upper Boca Negra Canyon

Temporary Closure of the Atrisco right of way for Storm Drain Construction

Due to Storm Drain Construction the Upper Boca Negra Canyon Area will be temporarily closed to pedestrians. There will be no pedestrian or bicycle access allowed during the time of construction.

Enjoy the lower Boca Negra Trails, but for your safety, please do not access the Upper Boca Negra Picnic Areas.  

The construction project includes connecting a storm drain in the old Atrisco right of way, which is the major access to the upper area on the canyon. The storm drain empties into the Boca Negra Arroyo below the escarpment.

The project objectives include providing storm water conveyance, as well as erosion protection to Boca Negra Canyon.

Please see the AMAFCA Boca Negra Dam project website for full details .  

For more information about the project, call AMAFCA Real Estate Manager Jeff Willis, at (505) 884-2215.