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Albuquerque listed by TravelNerd as Top City for Nature-Lovers

Albuquerque 1st in list of Top 10 Urban Destinations For Nature-Lovers


"As travelers start planning their summer vacations, TravelNerd analyzed the numbers to find the best destinations for nature-lovers who want enjoy the atmosphere of a city as well as easy access to nature.  We looked into the best metro areas around the U.S. for the nature-lovers based upon the follow questions:

1) Does the city set aside space for parks? We looked at the metro areas with the most acres of parkland as a percentage of the total area.

2) Are there national parks nearby? We analyzed how many national parks are located within 100 miles of the metropolitan area.

3) Is the weather nice enough to spend time outside? We looked at the precipitation in 2012 as well as the general air quality of each metropolitan area to gauge whether travelers would want to head outdoors.

1) Albuquerque, NM   

Albuquerque is more than just desert. The New Mexican city also has one of the highest percentages of parkland in a metropolitan area, with a whopping 28% of all metropolitan land being parks and green space. "