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Open Space Teacher Open House and PEAK* “Leave No Trace” training

Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids


This event has already happened.
Nov 11, 2012
03:00 AM - 05:00 AM


Open Space Visitor Center
6500 Coors Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120


 REGISTRATION REQUIRED, please call 897-8831 to register

Participants will enjoy an introduction to the program, opportunities at the Open Space Visitor Center, outdoor activities and Leave No Trace ethics as well as information about the variety of class field trips and programs available to teachers and students. The Open House for Teachers will also introduce the PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) program. 

Peak was developed by the “Leave No Trace” organization and focuses on the philosophy that we can minimize the negative effects on our outdoor environment.  The principles and skills the students will learn through hands-on activities correlate to the New Mexico Science Standards and Benchmarks. 

During the Open House, some examples of that correlation will be shared. 

Find out more information by contacting Joshua Willis at (505) 897-8831.

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Joshua Willis