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Draft Rules of Procedure & Conduct

Rules of Conduct part 1 to be voted on at the August 23, 2016 meeting

City of Albuquerque DRAFT

Open Space Advisory Board

Draft Rules of Procedure and Conduct

Updated July 25, 2016

New language has been identified by italics.


City Ordinance 2-6-1, Public Boards, Commissions and Committees states in 2-6-1-4 Organization C Rules and Regulations that each public board… may promulgate such rules and regulations for its conduct as may be deemed necessary. It further provides for giving notice that a rule or regulation will be considered at a public meeting and further that “any person may give testimony in favor of or in opposition to the proposed rule or regulation”.

The following draft rules and regulations are being sent to the Open Space Advisory Board for discussion prior to giving notice that any particular rule from those listed below is being furthered for consideration and public testimony. The guidelines for public notice of meetings and the number needed for a quorum is established in other City policy so is not noted here as a procedure. All issues not addressed by either COA Ordinance or resolution, or by these rules, should default to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised for appropriate action.

Part 1 Procedures For Board Meetings

  • Meeting: The Board shall convene on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Unless otherwise noted, the meeting location will be the Open Space Visitors Center. The Board may meet and at other announced times in special meetings.
  • Attendance by electronic means: Under circumstances including travel or illness, a Board member may not be physically present but may participate in a meeting including voting-- by such methods as skype or telephone.
  • Agenda: A board member may request a subject to be included on an agenda before the agenda is published by notice to the Secretary of the Board and the Chair of the OSAB or by motion during a Board meeting. Other government agencies such as City, County, State, Federal, MRGCD may request by notice to the Secretary of the Board that a subject be included on an agenda before the agenda is published
  • Request by a member of the public to make a presentation to the Board: By notice to the Secretary of the Board and the Chair of the OSAB a member of the public may request to make a presenta- tion at a Board meeting. Approval of that request shall be at the discretion of the chair.
  • Designation of agenda items as action items-Any item needing a Board action to approve, deny, or recommend shall be advertised on the agenda as an action item. No action shall be taken at the same meeting at which an item is presented. Rather, at the discretion of the chair, the item may be placed for action on the agenda of the next regular meeting.
  • Public Comment: There shall be a time during each meeting for members of the public to provide comment on either specific agenda items or comment on issues and concerns involving open space facilities or operations. The chair may call on members of the public to also comment while an agenda item is being discussed by the Board. The time limit shall be 2 (two) minutes or at the discretion of the chair.

1.7 Continuing Agenda items: Certain agenda items such as Board recommendations regarding “Extraordinary facility on open space requests” shall be kept on the agenda until disposition by the


1.8 Closed Meeting: If the Board desires to close an open meeting for any of the enumerated exceptions under the Open Meetings Act (NMSA 1978, § §10-15-1(H)(1)-(10)), then the Board shall only do so after a motion and majority vote of a quorum. The Board may discuss in a closed session any prospective transaction, purchase, acquisition or disposal of real property including land or property rights presented to the Board by the Real Property Division. The closed meeting is limited to discussion only. The Board shall not take minutes during the closed meeting, however, when the Board reconvenes the open meeting the Board shall note that only the matters in the motion to close the meeting were discussed during the closed session. If the Board decides to take a vote on the matters discussed in the closed session as it relates to § 14-13-3-7(B) of the City’s Open Space Advisory Board Ordinance, such vote must occur in an open session.

1.9 Special Meeting: In accordance with the Boards and Commissions Ordinance, the Board may convene a special meeting with public notice at least 72 hours in advance. A special meeting must be requested by a majority of the Board's members.

1.10 Subcommittees: from time-to-time, the OSAB will use sub-committees to research particular topics or issues with a subsequent report to the full Board for its action.

1.11 All issues not addressed by either City of Albuquerque Ordinance or Resolution or by these rules should be defaulted to the Roberts Rules of Order.