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Robinson Park

What happened to the Big Branch?

At the southeast corner of Robinson Park is a large, old cottonwood tree. Until recently it was known and loved for a big, unusually shaped branch that hung low over the ground and sheltered all who sat in its shade. Many photos have been taken with people pretending to hold it up or simply standing in its extraordinary presence.

On July 26, 2013 we had a very damaging storm event in Albuquerque, with high wind bursts. A number of trees which seemed perfectly healthy were uprooted and blown over.

In the aftermath and cleanup, a precautionary test was made on this cottonwood branch. The tests indicated that it was hollow, and the decision was made to remove it in order to protect public safety.

Decisions like this are never easy to make, especially in the case of a beloved landmark. However, the branch indeed proved to be spectacularly hollow. If possible, we will place a section of the hollow branch on display at the park, in memory of its presence and as a reminder that public safety comes first.

Robinson Park Tree Before