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Public weighs in on Louisiana Dividers

Meeting with area residents yields results

On November 7, 2012 the Parks and Recreation Park Design Team, along with representatives from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, met with residents who live near the Louisiana Dividers to discuss renovation options. The Louisiana Dividers are aging: the irrigation system is outdated and inefficient, thereby creating an unacceptable amount of fugitive water fines assessed to the Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks and Recreation and Water Utility Representatives met with 23 residents, heard comments and suggestions, and the Parks and Recreation Design Team provided two renovation options:

1. a turf reduction option -

Louisiana Divider Reduced Turf 1

2. a xeriscape option -

Louisiana Dividers Xeriscape 1

The citizens who attended the meeting overwhelmingly voted in favor of the turf reduction option, and the Park Design Team concurred. Work on the dividers will begin soon, following assessments on the existing irrigation system and what components can be re-used with the new design. In the meantime, Park Management crews will be working to remove dead and damaged tree limbs.

For further information, please contact Judith Wong (505) 768-5364.