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Parks and Recreation Employees Honored

Bike Education gurus James Bailey and Hugh Hulse provide bike to boy in need

Employee of Week (Hugh and James)

On Friday, July 19, 2013, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored two employees who went the extra mile to help a young boy. James Bailey and Hugh Hulse took it upon themselves to make sure a 15 year old boy had a bicycle to get himself to his hospital visits at the Child Life Center at UNM. Bailey and Hulse have shown that kindness is a virtue that is not overlooked.


A 15 year old patient at the Child Life Center at UNM had recently experienced a kidney transplant. While at one of his follow up hospital visits, his bicycle was senselessly stolen from right in front of the hospital. The bike was particularly important to the boy because it was his only mode of transportation to his follow up appointments at the hospital. His parents’ work schedules conflicted with his tests, which were necessary to ensure his body was not rejecting the kidney transplant. The loss of his bike was devastating and made it difficult for him and his family to coordinate these important visits. The director of the Child Life Program at UNM, Julia Grimes, noted the loss of the boy’s bike and sought out help for the situation.


The Parks and Recreation Department has a bike safety program where a child takes six bike safety classes and then they earn a bike and a helmet. Educators for these classes, James Bailey and Hugh Hulse, were asked to look into the situation and find if there was a way to provide a bike for this boy.


After spending hours on refurbishing a bike, Bailey and Hulse worked to include a kickstand, tool kit, front and rear lights, and a new helmet to present to the boy. When they delivered the bicycle they added a CD of the bike safety classes that they teach so that he could watch it while he went in for testing.


This is a great example of how these employees of the Parks and Recreation Department have reached out to a child in need so they might live a full life. Not only have these men made a difference in that boy’s life, but also in the lives of the boy’s caretakers and family. They have shown that kindness goes a long way and that it can literally change lives.