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Open Space, Calling ALL Artists

Open Space Visitor Center Call for Gallery Exhibit Proposals

Who: Visual, Environmental, Performance, or Mixed-Media Artists
What: Call for gallery exhibit proposals for 2016
Where: Open Space Visitor Center | 6500 Coors Blvd NW
When: September 8th, 2015
Contact: (505) 897-8831

Gallery Mission:
"The mission of the Open Space Gallery is to inspire an exchange of ideas, solutions and interpretations as they relate to Open Space lands so as to deepen and enhance visitor understanding, appreciation and stewardship for Albuquerque’s unique natural and human community."

Application Procedure:
Artists are encouraged to visit the gallery and greater facility prior to submitting their proposals. The Open Space Visitor Center is open Tuesday - Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

All applicants must provide:

  1. A Word document with the following information:
    Name of applicant/s
    Contact Person and Phone
    Artist/s Biography
    Proposal description (2-4 paragraphs) The proposal description must outline the prospective artwork and its use of the space. Outdoor Land Art will be considered. Group proposals are also welcome. In the description, take care to embody aspects of the above mission statements. Artists who wish to complement their exhibits with educational components, such as demonstrations or workshops, are encouraged to include that in their proposal descriptions.
  2. At least six professional-quality images, in jpeg format, of works that best represent your proposal. Artist groups must provide between 1-4 images per person.

Submitted materials will be reviewed by an appointed committee. If the committee selects your proposal, you will be notified via email or by phone. All applicants must submit their proposals in one of the following ways:

CDs and thumb drives can be mailed to:

Open Space Visitor Center
P.O. Box 1293

Hand delivered to:

Open Space Visitor Center

6500 Coors Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87103 Albuquerque, NM 87120
Attn. Gallery Please see hours above

Emailed to:

Noel Chilton: [email protected]
Emailed submissions have proved problematic in the past and are thus discouraged. If you submit via email, please ensure that your files do not exceed 10 MG and follow up if you have not received an acknowledgement of receipt within 5 business days.

For inquiries regarding the gallery or the application process, please call the Visitor Center at (505) 897-8831 or email Noel Chilton at [email protected]


Open Space Background:
The purpose of the Open Space Division is to acquire, protect, maintain, and manage significant natural landscapes and cultural resources for present and future generations.
Major Public Open Space enhances the urban environment and provides wildlife habitat while offering opportunities for public enjoyment through outdoor education and low-impact recreation. The Visitor Center and Gallery act as a hub for the City’s many beautiful Open Space properties.