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Construction Project near Boca Negra Canyon

Special Assessment District 228

The Department of Municipal Development has begun a construction project near the City Open Space Division managed Boca Negra Canyon.

"Funding for the Special Assessment District was secured in October 2012. The Project has been awarded to local Albuquerque contractor AUI. Mobilization has begun and construction is set to begin soon. The project will last approximately 14 months. The project includes construction of additional travel lanes and infrastructure on Paseo del Norte, Unser Boulevard, Rainbow Boulevard, Scenic Drive and Universe Boulevard, as well as local roads and infrastructure within the Volcano Cliffs Subdivision. The project is being constructed and financed through the SAD process in which the area is developed in an orderly fashion while distributing the costs equitably among the property owners."

Contact: Mike Tran, Department of Municipal Development, (505) 768-2791.