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Albuquerque - Official City Website


Notification Forms

Notification Forms ensure efficient communication with your City government by collecting necessary information up front.

Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicle
Airport Noise Complaint
Barking Dog
Biopark Group Reservation
Cable Complaint
Carpool Registration
Citizen Police Academy Application
Cockroach Notification
Code Enforcement Complaint - Residential
Discrimination Complaint
Dumping Illegal Substances to Storm Drains
Graffiti Sighting
Guaranteed Ride Home
Illegal Pet Sale Report


Neighborhood Workshop Registration Form
Mosquito Complaints
Mosquito Fish Request
Police Complaint Form
Pothole Report or Street Problem
Recycling Bag Coupon Request
Smoking Vehicle Report
South Broadway Cultural Center Rental Request
Trash Collection Set-up - Residential & Commercial
Vender Direct Deposit (ACH) Email Notification
Volunteer for Anti-litter Clean Up
Water Bill Budget Payment Plan
Water Conservation Publication/Video Request
Water Waste Report - Residential / Commercial
Water Waste Report - Restaurant
Website Feedback
Weed & Litter Complaint
Zoning Complaint

Report Anything Else...

eServices for Citizens & Visitors

Electronic Services (eServices) are fully executable online services that have sometimes replaced paper-based systems.

Airline Flights real-time, email notification for flight arrival, etc.
Burn & No Burn Email Notification
City Calendar Events
City News includes RSS feed
Campaign Reporting reports on candidate, donor and committee spending on City elections
City Jobs search and apply online
City Store Leaving, click for disclaimer purchase tshirts, mugs, hats, patches and other merchandise
Crime Statistics
Interactive Maps search and create using GIS
Legislation, City Council search current and archived
Library Online book catalog, article databases, email notification of overdue books, etc.
Ordinances, Resolutions, City Charter Leaving, click for disclaimer search
Pets Search pets that are lost, found, and/or available for adoption
Restaurant Inspections, Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses
Government TV (GOVTV) Streaming Video the only station in Albuquerque that streams live video 24 hrs/day
Pollen Email Notification
Water Bill / Solid Waste Bill Payment Leaving, click for disclaimer view and pay online

eServices for Business

Business Licenses, Restaurant Inspections, Liquor Licenses
Case Tracking track Planning applications
Dynamic Tax Reports current and historical property, lodger, and gross receipt taxes
GIS Geographic Information Systems Dynamic Maps
Ordinances, Resolutions, City Charter Leaving, click for disclaimer
Request for Bid and Proposals available solicitations
Receive City Payments via ACH
Utility Bill view and pay online
Vendor Invoice Tracking

Contact: [email protected]