One Albuquerque

Information about One Albuquerque initiatives.

Mayor Tim Keller is bringing our city together as One Albuquerque. We are re-discovering our potential by celebrating our multicultural diversity and our authentic resilience. One Albuquerque is more than a slogan; it’s an aspiration, a call to action, a reminder that the best way to tackle our challenges is by facing them together. No one leader alone can fix our problems. We’ve each got to step up for our block, our neighborhood.

Here are some of the ways you can join in.

A JPEG of the One ABQ Foundation for the One ABQ Page. One ABQ Fund

The One Albuquerque Fund aims to fund critical programs to address some of the core challenges our city faces, including: Officer Recruitment to make our city safer, Youth Opportunity to fill out and increase programs, Housing Vouchers to support a “housing first” model of tackling homelessness, and Workforce Training to strengthen the Job Training Albuquerque program.

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A man getting food with the One ABQ logo on the side.


A jpeg of One Albuquerque round tile.What is One Albuquerque?

One Albuquerque is about giving everyone a seat at the table to make our communities safer, more innovative, and more inclusive.

At our core, we are a city where people from all walks of life live side by side. We are all working together, as one, to bring the City’s potential to life.

A jpeg of a tshirt tile.One Albuquerque T-shirts

Have you seen the One Albuquerque T-shirts around town and want one? Now you can find them at many local vendors.

City Hall is partnering with Albuquerque businesses, creating an opportunity for residents to buy official One Albuquerque shirts from a local vendor. Show your local pride and that we are all in this together!

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A jpeg of the One ABQ app tile.One ABQ Mobile Application

The One ABQ App allows you to stay engaged and improve our city from the palm of your hand.

The app is a reporting and information tool for quickly reporting issues to 311 like potholes or graffiti, checking on the status of existing 311 reports, finding links to other city apps like ABQToDo, and receive notifications from the City.

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A JPEG of a community policing tile.Community Policing

Community Policing is a proactive partnership between APD, residents, the private sector, and government eradicate the causes of crime with aggressive enforcement and positive community collaboration. You can get involved directly by joining a Community Policing Council. CPCs foster better policing and community practices and relationships.

Apply to Serve on a CPC

A jpeg of a buy local tile.Buy Local

One Albuquerque: Buy Local improves our local economy by keeping as much money here as possible.

City departments are systematically switching to local vendors when possible. We’re also walking the walk by providing Square credit card readers and Buy Local stickers to local businesses.

Show You're Local

A JPEG of a tile for youth connect.Youth Connect

Youth Connect works to connect children, teens, and young adults to opportunities for fun and learning while out of school.

The City's many youth programs ensure families have safe options for engagement all year long, enriching the lives of residents and creating a community of safety and inclusion.

Learn and Play

A jpeg of housing fund tile. Housing Fund

The One Albuquerque: Housing Fund allows us all to be a part of the solution to homelessness. Housing vouchers are the most effective way to help individuals and families get back on track.

Every dollar helps and you can donate directly here.


A jpeg of ambassadors tile.Ambassadors

One Albuquerque: Ambassadors fosters strong communication and relationships between residents, businesses, and city government.

Ambassadors serve as a point of contact, sharing information about how the city works, improving quality of life through city services and One Albuquerque initiatives.

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A jpeg of volunteers tile.Volunteers

One Albuquerque: Volunteers will engage residents to address the challenges the City faces.

After the success of the One ABQ: Challenge, we will continue to connect those who want to be involved to a volunteer opportunity, making sure that everyone can play a role in moving our city forward.

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A jpeg of engage tile.Engage

One Albuquerque: Engage is a creative initiative to take back our city by helping to bring businesses into vacant buildings.

Local businesses are encouraged to occupy vacant buildings as pop-ups, with resources and support from the City. Engage adds experiences and foot traffic - for safer, more vibrant places.

Set up Shop

A jpeg of inside out tile.Inside Out

We are turning government inside out and are eager to hear your thoughts and be in touch with you.

We want to partner with the community and bring new ideas to the table in every aspect of policy. The lines of communication are open creating a more responsible, responsive, and accessible government to Albuquerque residents.

Contact and Connect

A JPEG of the One ABQ Foundation for the One ABQ Page. One ABQ Fund

Albuquerque, we are all in this together.

We are here in a place where our potential is great – but the work MUST begin now – work to improve the quality of life for people from all walks of life, because we are a city of possibility, resilience, and courage, ready to rise to the occasion and capture this moment.

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