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Class: Introduction to Disaster Cost Recovery

Take part in an introduction class on disaster cost recovery.

Do you work in government departmental planning or as a financial specialist, accounting, risk management, or purchasing? If so, consider the City of Albuquerque's upcoming class Introduction to Disaster Cost Recovery.

Classes are from Oct. 26-29, 2015, at the Albuquerque Convention center.

Information & Registration

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More About the Class

The response following a disaster may last only a few days or weeks, but the post disaster cost recovery process typically goes on for years. In some cases the cost recovery process will last for a decade or more. Ironically, training for getting through this long, drawn out recovery period is seldom available. Public agencies can and often do lose millions of dollars because they are not prepared to deal with the disaster cost recovery process.

This Disaster Cost Recovery training program provides a broad overview of disaster cost recovery processes, including requirements for obtaining and retaining federal disaster assistance grants, specifically, FEMA's "Public Assistance" program. The training includes detailed information on disaster response cost documentation and disaster assistance eligibility guidelines. The training includes actual FEMA case studies, group exercises, examples taken from actual disasters, and Department of Homeland Security audits.