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City of Albuquerque's Veterans Hiring Initiative

Veterans Hiring Initiative Information

May 31, 2012

Mayor Berry Introduces Innovative Veteran Hiring Initiative
Broad-based Initiative Puts Veteran Applicants at the Front of the Line

Albuquerque, NM – Veterans now have a much higher chance of getting a job within the City of Albuquerque under a new initiate unveiled today by Mayor Berry. In an effort to further recognize the personal sacrifice Veterans make to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in the United States, Mayor Richard J. Berry is introducing a Veterans hiring initiative that guarantees veterans a place in the top 8% of all applicants.  

Each year over 51,000 applications for employment are received by the City.  Of those, only 4,000, or less than 8% actually are afforded the opportunity to interview for the position.  Without an interview, the chances of being hired are very slim.  Veterans will now have that opportunity to interview one-on-one and to promote themselves, their skills and training.  This will increase their chances of being hired by leaps and bounds.

The broad-based hiring preference will create additional opportunities for virtually all Veterans and currently serving military personnel. The new hiring program begins today, and includes all city departments. The basic qualifications contained in the hiring initiate are (1) Successful Completion of Basic Training [if you currently serving] and/or (2) Honorable Discharge from the Armed Forces. Stipulations such as “Time in Service or “Active Deployments” and “Rank” or “Grade” levels are not required to qualify.  The only requirement, after meeting the initial veterans’ qualifications, is you must meet the “Job-Skill-Qualifications” for the position you are applying for.  If you have met these requirements for the position, we will guarantee you an interview for that position.

“Veterans are the heart of our nation, we must do everything we can to help them transition back into the communities they are willing to serve.” said Mayor Berry. “With such high numbers of returning Veterans we’re eager to put their hard-earned skills and training to work for the betterment of our city.”

The Mayor’s Veterans Liaison, Roger Newall, who was appointed last year, researched what other municipalities across the nation were doing on this front, and was surprised to find how many programs excluded many levels of military personal. This program is much broader based and could be used as a template for other organizations, both public and private.

“With veterans returning home from active duty every day, it’s imperative that they receive the best opportunities to be gainfully employed.” said Newall. “The Mayor knew how important this was and he challenged me to work diligently to make this day a reality for our vets.”

There is now a Veterans’ Section on all City Job Application Forms.