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Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

Information about the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council.

Council Application

Apply for the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

Submission Deadline

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Teenagers who want to help shape Albuquerque's future are encouraged to apply for an exclusive opportunity to impact city government and their community.

In 2011, Mayor Richard J. Berry created the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) to spur municipal engagement from teens.

Council Duties

The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council is responsible for providing input and advising the Mayor on issues important to Albuquerque's youth.

The MYAC is composed of up to 21 members representing communities from across the City bringing the voice of our youth who are currently freshman in high school through freshman in college directly to the Mayor.

Current Projects

Right now, the MYAC is working on several important projects for the community:

  • ABQ Kindness - The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness of the importance of kindness across Albuquerque. MYAC will help promote, track, and celebrate acts of kindness until we reach our goal of ONE MILLION ACTS OF KINDESS! Get the ABQ Kindness app:
  • Breaking the Silence Mental Health Initiative - MYAC is provided with appropriate and effective education and training regarding mental illness and suicide within the youth. Every member is certified and will present this information in their schools. Our goal is to break the stigma around mental health and suicide. Learn more about Breaking the Silence New Mexico.
  • Childhood Obesity Awareness Documentary - MYAC will be focusing on the issue of childhood obesity within the youth. They will be working with a local film maker to promote the awareness of childhood obesity.

Past Projects

  • New Marijuana Documentary - MYAC worked with a local film maker to promote and host the premiere of the New Marijuana Documentary. This documentary was aired in August 2016.
  • Stuff the Bus - MYAC goes around and collects school supplies with the Corporate Volunteer Council on a school bus before the start of every school year
  • Building Relationships with International Ambassadors - MYAC has recently met and discussed different issues with a group all of the way from Tajikistan and Global Ties ABQ
  • Net-quette Documentary - focusing on the issue of social media and how important it is that parents understand how dangerous it can be when their children use it. The council has been working with a local film maker to promote this documentary, slated for release Aug. 23, 2014 at the KiMo Theater.
  • Bystanders: Anti-Bullying Documentary - focusing on the issue of bullying in schools, the MYAC is working with a local film maker to promote an anti-bullying which aired Summer of 2013.

The MYAC has also been active in assisting the Mayor with his State of the City Address bringing the address into Albuquerque schools through the use of social media.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted until every position is filled.

Applicants will be required to go through an interview and selection process and must have parent or guardian approval before applying.

Applicants also must have an essay ready for submission that answers the following question: Why do you want to be on the Mayor's Youth Advisory Board? What are your strengths that will contribute to the success and productivity of the board?

Message from Mayor Berry

"As Mayor of the City of Albuquerque, I am asking the next generation of leaders to step up and be a part of the equation as we plan our City's future," said Mayor Berry.

"It is important that the voice of our youth be heard and that their ideas incorporated onto our planning processes."

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