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ABQ i-team

In 2015, Albuquerque was selected to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies' Innovation Teams program. ​

Under this initiative, a local innovation team – known as the ABQ i-team – was established to work closely with the City and its private, non-profit, and public sector partners to bring a deeper understanding and new approaches to some of the most pressing challenges facing Albuquerque.

During 2015 and 2016, the ABQ i-team worked to improve economic opportunity in Albuquerque. Specifically, the team developed strategies for better connecting young people to employment.

For 2017, the team is working in the field of public safety, seeking to aggressively understand the root causes of the recent sharp increase in crime in Albuquerque, particularly as it relates to the activity of repeat criminal offenders. In addition, the team is working together with the community and partners in the criminal justice system to develop various approaches to stopping the cycle of repeat criminal activity in order to foster a safer community for Albuquerque residents.

To learn more about the i-team and view some of its ongoing research on crime in Albuquerque, please visit