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ABQ i-team

Albuquerque’s innovation team (i-team) is focusing on economic opportunity from two perspectives: People (workforce, businesses, and programs) and place (infrastructure, policies, and procedures.)

Under Mayor Richard J. Berry’s leadership, the City of Albuquerque has been selected as one of twelve US cities to participate in the $45 million expansion of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Teams (i-team) program. The i-team program aims to improve the capacity of City Halls to effectively design and implement new approaches that improve citizens’ lives – relying on data, open innovation, and strong project and performance management to help mayors address pressing urban challenges.

Innovation teams function as in-house innovation consultants, moving from one mayoral priority to the next. Using Bloomberg Philanthropies’ tested Innovation Delivery approach, i-teams help agency leaders and staff through a data-driven process to assess problems, generate responsive new interventions, develop partnerships, and deliver measurable results.

"Cities really matter – and the services we provide are those people rely on day in and day out," said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "This unique partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies will help us bring more a more strategic, methodical, and creative focus to finding better ways to serve our residents."

Albuquerque’s priority area for the innovation team has been identified as economic opportunity. The team is approaching economic opportunity from two perspectives: people (workforce, businesses, and programs) and place (infrastructure, policies, and procedures that affect commerce).Twitter

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