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50-Mile Activity Loop Interactive Map

Interactive map for the 50-Mile Activity Loop

Below are instructions and a link to an interactive map for the 50-Mile Activity Loop. With this map, you can zoom in and out to navigate your way around the map and connecting bikeways and trail facilities.

Map Instructions

When you open the interactive map, the Legend button is active and the legend is displayed.

Click on the About button for additional instructions on how to use the interactive map.

If you are using a mobile device to view the interactive map, click on the "Three Stacked Lines" when the map opens for instructions.

Click on the "Three Stacked Lines" again to see the full map.

Interactive Map

Open the interactive map.

Additional Map Instructions


Zoom Control

Zoom IN and OUT of the map

Location Position

Locate Position Control

Locate your position on the map (mobile device)

Full View

Zoom to the full view of the map


Click on the Layers button then uncheck the map layers to turn them off.