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I started my term as Mayor when the City was in a fiscal crisis. We began our budget process with a nearly $100 million dollar shortfall between fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

With this large of a shortfall we had a decision to make and we chose to see it as opportunity and a challenge.  I am proud to say that our leadership team and the great employees of this city have risen to the occasion. ABQ View is our transparency portal - these pages show just how dedicated we are to ensuring that we’re doing ethical business for our bosses, the taxpayers.

City Moves Forward to Enhance Recycling

Mayor Richard J. Berry and the Albuquerque City Council will move forward with plans to enhance recycling efforts in Albuquerque.

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Mayor Berry Sends Balanced Budget to City Council

No tax increases, reduces size of government, funding for a potential 1% wage increase.

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CABQ.gov Honored for Investor Relations Excellence

MuniNetGuide.com Honors Albuquerque Website for Investor Relations Excellence

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Albuquerque International Sunport to Add More Solar Panels

For the second year in a row, the Albuquerque International Sunport has recieved a federal grant which will allow for the installation of more solar panels.

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City Reaches Agreement with Police Union that Will Save Taxpayers $1 million a Year

Mayor Richard J. Berry announced today that his administration reached an agreement with the Albuquerque Police Officers Association that will save taxpayers $1 million a year and allow all current police officers to take their cars home.

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Update - Mayor Richard J. Berry to Overhaul Red Light Camera Program

Update: The red light camera program was discontinued in December 2011. This information highlights the executive and legislative processes that eventually led to the end of red light cameras operating within selected Albuquerque intersections.

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Lucky Paws to Remain Open in Coronado Mall

The Berry Administration has reached a deal with Coronado Mall management allowing Lucky Paws to remain open for the next year.

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City Pushes for Transparency, Open Government

"ABQ View puts our city government at the forefront of what open government should look like for cities around the country," Mayor Berry said.

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Mayor Berry Launches Program: Efficiency, Stewardship, Accountability

Mayor Richard J. Berry gives a voice to all employees, citizens, and vendors to report efficiencies, increased stewardship and better acountability of taxpayer dollars.

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Mayor Asks State for Fire Trucks and Air Packs

Mayor Richard J. Berry submitted a proposal to Governor Bill Richardson’s Administration Wednesday asking that $1 million in stimulus money that was requested to be spent on a new fire station be used to buy air packs for firefighters or two new fire trucks.

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Administration, Two AFSCME Unions Reach Agreement

Berry Administration reaches agreements with two AFSCME unions; implements wage reductions for three others.

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Wage Reductions Announced for Police Union

News release about stalemate reached in contract negotiations with Albuquerque Police Officers' Association.

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First Phases of Budget Cuts Announced

July 1, 2010, news release announcing salary adjustments, budget cuts, and ongoing union negotiations.

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Mayor Berry Balances FY11 Budget

Cuts cost and size of government; no layoffs or furloughs. Salary reductions are included.

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Mayor Berry Unveils FY10 Budget Savings

Mayor Richard J. Berry presented to City Councilors February 12, 2010 a list of budget actions that will result in a $19 million savings for the current fiscal year.

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Mayor Richard Berry Has Set A Road Map to Address City’s Budget Crisis

Mayor sends legislation to City Council and proposes executive cuts.

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